Mezzo di trasporto ai piedi delle prealpi bellunesi

On foot.
Running or slowly.
By bike or trail running.

On the trails or on the climbing wall.
Wandering about. Alone or with friends.

Arriving by train or by plane.

You want to taste typical dishes or just discover meadows, forest and mountains.
And maybe stay a few more hours.

Art, history and traditions of a land that combines the essence of belonging and the influences of foreign lands; The effort of living and being in all its aspects.

To rest and sleep. Somewhere.
Here by us.
And than restart ...

The Valbelluna awaits you and welcomes you.

And I'll bring you wherever you want


Valbelluna is the name of the wide valley in the province of Belluno, is located between prealpi bellunesi and southern Dolomites. It stretches from north-east to south-west for about 50 km, from Ponte nelle Alpi to Alano di Piave and Feltre. Bounded on the north by the natural boundaries: group of the Schiara, the Serva, the Monti del Sole and on the south the Vette Feltrine, the basin of Alpago, the prealpi bellunesi and the range of Grappa.

From Valbelluna you can leave for an infinite range of sports and leisure, dedicate itself to tourist itineraries, to mountain-bike, to trekking, to trail-running, to walks with snowshoes, to nordic and alpin skiing, to skating, to hang glider and to paragliding.


Bicycle carriage service with up to 14 seats cart.Contact by telephone TAXIVALBELLUNAPOS payment available